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Portable Pitstop Restyling/Wrapping Ramp (set complete)

The portable pitstop or wrapping ramp is a quick, simple and hassle free way of raising an entire vehicle of the ground for maintenance or detailing. Ideal for cleaning and wrapping, the car is fully accessible and is at an acceptable height to work.
Portable Pitstop Restyling/Wrapping Ramp (set complete)

The Portable Pitstop Restyling/Wrapping Ramp:

The Portable Pitstop Restyling/Wrapping Ramp is a portable system that you can use in a shop as well as on-the-go to other job locations. The inspiration for the Portable Pitstop Restyling/Wrapping Ramp derived from seeing the auto detail market’s enthused use of Race Ramps’ Portable Pit Stop. It is a full vehicle lift ramp system originally conceived for trackside vehicle maintenance, auto shops and car displays.

Comprised of five interlocking pieces per side (10 pieces total in each set), The Restyling/Wrapping Ramp handles up to a 6.000 lb/2.722 kg vehicle. The ramp weighing itself just 220 lb/100 kg in total. The ramp system comes with one set of inclines with additional sets of 16″/41 cm and 20″/51 cm width inclines available for interlocking to the front of the ramp system. It’s allowing the vehicle to make a forward descent off the ramps.

This vehicle lift system can go anywhere and is easily stowed when not in use. No one-piece ramp on the market today is as portable as the multi-purpose ramp by RaceRamps.
The disassembly of the ramps breaks them down into individual pieces that weigh no more than 40 lb/18 kg a piece. The pieces are small enough to fit in the boot or back seat of most cars. Each side of the ramp weighs a total of 110 lb/50 kg and has an angle of 10,36 degrees. The Portable Pitstop Restyling/Wrapping Ramp raises the vehicle more than 14″/35 cm high.

The car platform is able to accommodate a wheel base from 82″/208 cm to 128″/325 cm wide.
When you’re not using the restyler/wrapping ramp you can stacked in a 69″/175 cm high space for storage.

Taxability / ramp 2750 kg
Angle of inclination 10,4
Weight / ramp c.a. kg

Length 208 - 325cm
Width 40cm
Height 35cm