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Portable Pitstop Ramp Racer Model (set complete)

The portable pitstop ramp is a quick, simple and hassle free way of raising an entire vehicle of the ground for maintenance or detailing. The car is fully accessible and is at an acceptable height to work.
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Portable Pitstop Ramp Racer Model (set complete)

Portable Pitstop Racer Model

The Portable Pitstop Car Lift Ramps are designed for car enthusiasts and racers. They are able to get your car up 14″/36 cm in the air with ease. The adjustable wheel base (from 90″ to 114″ – 230 to 290cm) makes it easy to accommodate a wide variety of cars. The racer’s model comes with a cut out section made to fit a 15″/38 cm scale pad that is 2.5″/7 cm thick. It also comes with a spacer to fill the cut out when you don’t need the scales. The Racer model has cut-outs for scale usage. Scale inserts are also provided when scales are not in use. Great as a Car Lift Solution.

Taxability / ramp  2750kg
Angle of inclination 10
Weight / ramp c.a. 114kg totaal

Length 559cm
Width 40cm
Height  36cm