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Portable Pitstop Ramp Extenders

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Do you need full lift for a car that is really low to the ground, Use Portable Pitstop Ramp Extenders.
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Portable Pitstop Ramp Extenders

Portable Pitstop Ramp Extenders:

Do you need full lift for a car that is really low to the ground, Use Portable Pitstop Ramp Extenders. These Exenders will make the Portable Pitstop Ramp and Wrapping Ramps work for you. The Exenders give you a gentle 6.8 degree incline so you don’t crunch the nose or high center on the rockers. They fold for easy transport and storage.

Exenders are 100% solid, made with a high-density expanded polystyrene that is coated with a hybrid polyurea. This patented process results in a product that is extremely lightweight, yet strong and durable. They will not slide, scratch, or otherwise damage any floor type.

Note that these are only to be used with the Portable Pitstop Ramp and Wrapping Ramps.

Taxability / ramp  kg
Angle of inclination 
Weight / ramp c.a. kg

Length 182cm
Width 41cm
Height  cm