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Heavy Duty Trailer Ramp Extenders BT-TT-7-EX-10

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Heavy Duty Trailer Ramp Extenders BT-TT-7-EX-10

Heavy duty ramps focuses first of all on safety and professional appearance with RaceRamps Trailer Ramps.

The ramps are designed to safetly get low ground clearance vehicles on and off flatbed tow trucks. They are a convenient and also easy to use. They’re an alternative to wooden planks and other unsafe methods of reducing ramp angle.

 - Ultra strong
 - Lightweight
 - Anti slip
 - Water resistant


Approach angle degree: 4 °

 Length: 89 cm

 Width: 26 cm

 Height: 7,5 cm

 Load capacity: 1100 kg / item

 Weight per ramp: 2,7 kg / ramp

 Delivered as a set of: 2

 Dimensions box: 20 x 30 x 95 cm

 Weight box: 5.4 kg

 Product code: BT-TT-7-EX-10 / DX-TR-HD-EX

 International product code: BT-TT-7-10-EX